Google SignIn profile image crash

TL;DR Downgrade GoogleSignIn pod to 2.2.0 Under the hood The latest version of Google's SignIn cocoapod, Google/SignIn (2.3.0) crashes when »

WWDC - 2015

Summarised noted, mostly for myself, of interesting 2015 WWDC sessions. I'll update them as I watch State of the Platform App thinning Should happen automatically. Downloadable »

iTunes Receipt Validation Helper

There is lots of documentation, tutorials and articles covering iTunes receipt validation. This is not one of them. Instead I'm offering an iOS client tool to »

Find xCode Simulator

It's the little things that piss you off the most. I, like most iOS developers, have found Apple's decision to revamp xCode's simulator bloody annoying. It »

A Cocoapods xCode tutorial.

Whether you're developing an iOS or Mac application, if you're not using Cocoapods then you're simply doing it wrong! Ok, maybe not wrong, but you're definitely »